ENG | Since its creation in 1987, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne has been a reference in the choreographic world. Designated as his successor by Maurice Béjart, Gil Roman has directed the company and has preserved its artistic excellence since the master's death in 2007. Discover the company's repertoire, from Maurice Béjart's ballets to Gil Roman's creations.

FR | Depuis sa création en 1987, le Béjart Ballet Lausanne est une référence dans le monde chorégraphique. Désigné comme successeur par Maurice Béjart, Gil Roman, dirige la compagnie et préserve son excellence artistique depuis la disparition du maître en 2007. Découvrez le répertoire de la compagnie, des ballets de Maurice Béjart aux créations de Gil Roman.


    “The idea behind “Dixit“ is to explore the Béjart Ballet Lausanne allowing us to get closer to the source of inspiration. Where does it come from? How do we innovate without repeating ourselves? How do we translate captured inspirations into choreographic language? There are as many questions abo...